Download Retailer Topup Client Applications
If you have a J2ME-WMA compatible mobile phone, you can download the following clients onto your handset and use your registered handset to perform the topup. (Please copy both the .jad and the .jar files onto your handset and then click on the .jad to install the application).

You can also install the application over-the-air (OTA) using GPRS by pointing your mobile brower to the link ''.

(Series 40 Platform-1 Compliant Phones)
(Nokia 3100,3200,3300,6010,6800a,6820) .jad
(Nokia 3100,3200,3300,6010,6800a,6820) .jar

(Series 40 Platform-2 Compliant Phones)
(Nokia 3220,6060,6101,6320) .jad
(Nokia 3220,6060,6101,6320) .jar

(Series 60 Platform-1 Compliant Phones)
(Nokia 3620,3650,3660) .jad
(Nokia 3620,3650,3660) .jar

(Series 60 Platform-2 Compliant Phones)
(Nokia 6600,6620,7610) .jad
(Nokia 6600,6620,7610) .jar